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Instant Ramen (In Bag / Sesame / Shoyu / Cook Noodles In 500Ml Water For 3 Min. Then Add Soup Base / Sanyo / Sapporo Ichiban / 505 G (5Pcs))



Made in Japan. Bouncy and chewy noodles with soy sauce mixed into its base, which will complement the soup well. Its tasty soy sauce and sesame soup are added with a tasty chicken extract base with soy sauce, aromatic vegetables, exquisitely balanced spices and fragrant sesame. The additional seasoning oil packet with extra sesame oil mixed in with soy sauce will enhance and enrich the flavours even more.

  • Instant Ramen
  • In Bag/Sesame/Shoyu/Cook noodles in 500ml water for 3 min. Then add soup base
  • 505 g (5pcs)