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Kose Clean Turn Bihada Shokunin Mask (Komenuka/7pcs)

Oomomo Store


Product of Kosé Japan.

This face mask sheet was created using the traditional, Japanese handmade paper technique. It is soft on skin and fits gently on your face.

A natural mask that can give your skin a rich, moisturizing feel with tight pores. The natural ingredient "rice bran" is used (oil from rice bran, which is obtained from the process of refining white rice). Rice bran oil contains Y-Oryzanol, which has an antioxidant effect for the skin.

The rich serum contained in the sheet mask can be gently delivered to the skin.

Weakly acidic, no fragrance, no coloring, no mineral oil added.

7 pieces per pack. Package has zipper and is easy to store.